The venues for the divisional singles are are confirmed as: D1: Mardons, D2: Westhill.

£2 is payable on the night, 501, best of three and played to a winner. Presented on finals night. We would be grateful of offers to run the venues!

With a change to best of five for league singles matches there will be an adjustment to the way the players table is scored this season. Players will now be scored a point per leg. IE. a 3-2 result will give three points to the winner and two points for the loser. The team league table will retain the same scoring system as in previous seasons.

The move to five legs has caused me a number of issues with the software. I am not experienced in Microsoft Access databases and so I have had a very steep learning curve in the last 48 hours! I do need to explain one adjustment I will need to make. This will almost certainly be invisible and will not cause an issue, however, I will have to use a five leg scoring system for the pairs and triples as I can only use one scoring system for the whole game. I dare say it could be done with database experience but its taken me hours to work out how to change it to best of five and make it produce working league and players tables!

Effectively, this will mean a 2-0 win (in pairs and triples) will be input as 3-1 and a 2-1 win will be input as 3-2. This will ensure the leg difference across the whole game remains correct. Of course, the total ‘legs for’ and ‘legs against’ scores will be incorrect but it will remain relative. IE. Both teams, win or lose, will be getting a relative amount of extra legs. As I say, this shouldn’t really affect the league workings but in the very unlikely event there is a tie on the league table where both ‘games won’ and ‘leg difference’ are the same, I would need to show who had the most ‘legs for’ to decide the winner and explain why there appears to be a greater total than written on the cards!

I hope that all makes some sort of sense!