1/9/18: Sartan Club (C.T.K) 46 – 34 Courage

Unfortunately, the Courage team were defeated in their first game of the 2018/19 season losing to a good Sartan Club team. The Courage team were fielding several new players and the result possibly flatters the Sartan Club a little. When playing so many legs (Twelve best of 7 singles and six best of 3 pairs) then a 12 leg difference is pretty small. Less than a leg per game!

Hopefully this will be a spring board for the rest of the season!

Averages vs Sartan Club:

Lee Gregory31125.6126.6125.61
Ashley Sandon-James31124.5925.5924.59
Dave Russell31121.0922.0921.09
Mark Colbourne31021.8721.8721.87
Tony Dunscombe31119.2420.2419.24
Jon Green31019.5319.5319.53
Mike Baber31019.1119.1119.11
Lance Coleman31018.0418.0418.04
Jack Ogborne31017.8117.8117.81
Andy Biggs31017.3917.3917.39
Dave Kemp31017.1717.1717.17
Ian Morris31016.2316.2316.23

Division 3PlayedWonLostDrawnPointsBonusTotal
Sartan Club (C.T.K)110046551
North Somerset A110044549
Fire Birds110041546
Team Phoenix101034034
Keynsham & Kingswood101032032

Fixtures (Division Three):

1st Sept 2018Keynsham & Kingswood32v44North Somerset A
Sartan Club (C.T.K)46v34Courage
Fire Birds41v34Team Phoenix
22nd Sept 2018Keynsham & KingswoodvSartan Club (C.T.K)
North Somerset AvFire Birds
CouragevTeam Phoenix
20th Oct 2018Sartan Club (C.T.K)vNorth Somerset A
Team PhoenixvKeynsham & Kingswood
Fire BirdsvCourage
10th Nov 2018Keynsham & KingswoodvCourage
North Somerset AvTeam Phoenix
Sartan Club (C.T.K)vFire Birds
8th Dec 2018Team PhoenixvSartan Club (C.T.K)
CouragevNorth Somerset A
Fire BirdsvKeynsham & Kingswood
12th Jan 2019K/O Round 1
2nd Feb 2019North Somerset AvKeynsham & Kingswood
CouragevSartan Club (C.T.K)
Team PhoenixvFire Birds
23rd Feb 2019Sartan Club (C.T.K)vKeynsham & Kingswood
Fire BirdsvNorth Somerset A
Team PhoenixvCourage
23rd Mar 2019North Somerset AvSartan Club (C.T.K)
Keynsham & KingswoodvTeam Phoenix
CouragevFire Birds
20th Apr 2019CouragevKeynsham & Kingswood
Team PhoenixvNorth Somerset A
Fire BirdsvSartan Club (C.T.K)
11th May 2019Sartan Club (C.T.K)vTeam Phoenix
North Somerset AvCourage
Keynsham & KingswoodvFire Birds

Link to Somerset County & Superleague site here