Division One

Red Post101880278
Waldegrave B91241416
Peasedown Posse7104128
Waldegrave A99333-13
Crown Exiles98342-4
Paulton Rovers81071-58

Players Table
(2-0: 3pts, 2-1: 2pts, 1-2: 1pt. League singles games only except 180’s and c/o’s)

RankPlayerVenuePlayedWonLostPointsWin percentage180sHicheck
1Colin ClarkeRed Post10912690.00%00
2Gary WitcombeCrown Exiles99025100.00%5103
3Dean BakerWaldegrave B99024100.00%40
4Chris AllenRed Post10912290.00%0120
5Mark ColbourneRiverside8711887.50%2108
6Andy HughesRed Post8621875.00%7116
7Lee SmithPeasedown Posse66017100.00%00
8Mike BrickellRed Post7521671.43%10
9Kalem MarshRed Post7521571.43%10
10Ben FranklandWaldegrave B7431457.14%10
11Chris DaniellsCrown Exiles8441450.00%1120
12Ant HughesRed Post55012100.00%30
13Mike PhippsWaldegrave B7431257.14%2116
14Shane CookWaldegrave A8351237.50%00
15Grant DowntonWaldegrave B5411180.00%00
16Chris MajorWaldegrave B44010100.00%10
17Neil RaikesPaulton Rovers8351037.50%1111
18Mark GouldPeasedown Posse532960.00%10
19Lee GouldPeasedown Posse633950.00%10
20John LilleyCrown Exiles945944.44%10
21Sam HoddinottPeasedown Posse734942.86%70
22Matt CliftonWaldegrave A734942.86%20
23Andy BiggsCrown Exiles826925.00%2112
24Ash Sandon JamesWaldegrave A532860.00%2116
25Phil ErrupWaldegrave A835837.50%3170
26Mike BaberRiverside624833.33%10
27Mike WhitePaulton Rovers422750.00%10
28Darren BaileyRiverside734742.86%00
29Nathan BeattieWaldegrave B725728.57%0108
30Sam MallonRiverside817712.50%0107
31Greg EastonRed Post321666.67%00
32Mick SampsonPaulton Rovers725628.57%00
33Guy PaddockPeasedown Posse514620.00%1110
34Paul BlackstoneWaldegrave A615616.67%2100
35Dave JewellRiverside523540.00%00
36Liam GibbsPaulton Rovers725528.57%0118
37Lee GregoryCrown Exiles312433.33%1130
38Craig FilerPaulton Rovers514420.00%00
39Martin SmithPeasedown Posse1103100.00%00
40Dan CookWaldegrave A1103100.00%1105
41Tom DavisCrown Exiles1103100.00%00
42Andy WillcoxWaldegrave A211350.00%20
43Allan ClarkeWaldegrave A615316.67%0156
44Steve HoddinottPeasedown Posse1102100.00%00
45Steve JonesPaulton Rovers413225.00%00
46Tony DunscombeCrown Exiles716214.29%00
47Lee ParfittRiverside50520.00%00
48Charles GilvrayWaldegrave B60610.00%20
49Kevin AshmanPeasedown Posse40410.00%00
50Steve ChannonPaulton Rovers50510.00%00
51Timmy AshfieldRiverside10100.00%00
52Tom GouldWaldegrave A10100.00%00
53Lee TaylorWaldegrave A10100.00%0100


6th April
Divisional Singles - More information on the singles page
13th April
Peasedown Posse-vBYE-
Waldegrave A4vRed Post4
Crown Exiles4vWaldegrave B4
Paulton RoversPvRiversideP
20th April
Waldegrave B6vPaulton Rovers2
Red Post5vCrown Exiles3
Peasedown Posse6vWaldegrave A2
27th April
Knockout Round One - All 14 teams play - see knockout page
4th May
Waldegrave A-vBYE-
Crown Exiles-vPeasedown Posse-
Paulton Rovers2vRed Post6
Riverside3vWaldegrave B5
11th May
BYE-vWaldegrave B-
Red Post7vRiverside1
Peasedown Posse-vPaulton Rovers-
Waldegrave A5vCrown Exiles3
18th May
Crown Exiles-vBYE-
Paulton Rovers4vWaldegrave A4
Riverside3vPeasedown Posse5
Waldegrave B4vRed Post4
25th May
BYE-vRed Post-
Peasedown Posse4vWaldegrave B4
Waldegrave A5vRiverside3
Crown Exiles6vPaulton Rovers2
1st June
Knockout Round Two - Subsidiary Round One - See knockout page
8th June
Paulton Rovers-vBYE-
Riverside3vCrown Exiles5
Waldegrave B4vWaldegrave A4
Red Post6vPeasedown Posse2
15th June
BYE-vPeasedown Posse-
Red Post7vWaldegrave A1
Waldegrave B3vCrown Exiles5
Riverside6vPaulton Rovers2
19th June
Mid-Season Meeting
8.15pm at The Waldegrave - Balance of fees due - Signing On forms returned - Singles and Pairs Entries - Vote on cup final venues - Summer trophies returned
22nd June
Paulton Rovers1vWaldegrave B7
Crown Exiles1vRed Post7
Waldegrave A3vPeasedown Posse5
29th June
BYE-vWaldegrave A-
Peasedown Posse4vCrown Exiles4
Red Post8vPaulton Rovers0
Waldegrave B5vRiverside3
6th July
Pairs - More information on the pairs page
13th July
Waldegrave B-vBYE-
Riverside1vRed Post7
Paulton Rovers3vPeasedown Posse5
Crown Exiles3vWaldegrave A5
20th July
Knockout and Subsidiary Semi-Finals - More information on the knockout page
27th July
BYE-vCrown Exiles-
Waldegrave A-vPaulton Rovers-
Peasedown Posse-vRiverside-
Red Post-vWaldegrave B-
3rd August
Singles - More information on the singles page
10th August
Red Post-vBYE-
Waldegrave B-vPeasedown Posse-
Riverside-vWaldegrave A-
Paulton Rovers-vCrown Exiles-
17th August
BYE-vPaulton Rovers-
Crown Exiles-vRiverside-
Waldegrave A-vWaldegrave B-
Peasedown Posse-vRed Post-
24th August
Knockout and Subsidary Finals - More information on the knockout page
31st August
Finals Night
Westhill Club, 8pm