Division One

Red Post (Champions)132290467
Waldegrave B (Runners Up)132092259
Peasedown Posse13135532
Crown Exiles1311355-24
Waldegrave A1310472-9
Paulton Rovers (Relegated)135193-60

Players Table
(2-0: 3pts, 2-1: 2pts, 1-2: 1pt. League singles games only except 180’s and c/o’s)

RankPlayerVenuePlayedWonLostPointsWin percentage180sHicheck
1Mike PhippsWaldegrave B1313035100.00%2120
2Dean BakerWaldegrave B131213392.31%6151
3Colin ClarkeRed Post111012890.91%00
4Andy HughesRed Post131032776.92%3125
5Chris AllenRed Post12932675.00%3116
6Kalem MarshRed Post11922581.82%100
7Steve JonesPaulton Rovers13762353.85%10
8Lee SmithPeasedown Posse14772350.00%50
9Sam HoddinottPeasedown Posse13852261.54%6111
10Martin SmithPeasedown Posse12842166.67%2156
11Mike BaberRiverside12752158.33%20
12Mark ColbourneRiverside11742063.64%4106
13Sam MallonRiverside11652054.55%1112
14Mark GouldRed Post13672046.15%3120
15Charles GilvrayWaldegrave B10641960.00%2102
16Allan ClarkeWaldegrave A12571941.67%3131
17Jon GreenWaldegrave A12661850.00%0105
18Shane CookWaldegrave B7611785.71%20
19Dave WinterWaldegrave B9631766.67%2116
20John LilleyCrown Exiles10551750.00%0112
21Dave RussellWaldegrave A13581638.46%10
22Lee GregoryCrown Exiles7611585.71%10
23Guy PaddockPeasedown Posse11381327.27%1121
24Gary WitcombeCrown Exiles55012100.00%0114
25Ash Sandon-JamesPurnells7521271.43%80
26Kevin AshmanPeasedown Posse10461240.00%10
27Andy WillcoxWaldegrave A7431157.14%1131
28Lee ParfittRiverside9361133.33%0107
29Greg EastonRed Post44010100.00%00
30Liam GibbsPaulton Rovers5411080.00%0100
31Alan BlackstonePurnells7431057.14%00
32Kai WitcombePurnells7341042.86%00
33Mick SampsonPaulton Rovers11381027.27%10
34Tony DunscombeCrown Exiles11381027.27%0120
35Ben FranklandWaldegrave B633950.00%10
36Paul BlackstoneWaldegrave A835937.50%00
37Craig FilerPaulton Rovers1138927.27%20
38Mike WhitePaulton Rovers1138927.27%1112
39Gary JamesCrown Exiles835837.50%00
40Andy BiggsCrown Exiles1129818.18%30
41Chris MajorWaldegrave A12210816.67%0110
42Steve ChannonPaulton Rovers12210816.67%00
43Darren BaileyRiverside826725.00%0114
44K PriceRiverside2206100.00%10
45Steve HoddinottPeasedown Posse321666.67%00
46Tom DavisCrown Exiles523640.00%0103
47Lee TaylorWaldegrave A624533.33%1100
48Dave JewellRiverside918511.11%00
49Mark HillierPurnells716414.29%00
50Chris DaniellsCrown Exiles80840.00%1120
51Robbie EarleRiverside1103100.00%00
52Steve ClarkeWaldegrave A1102100.00%00
53Darren ScammellWaldegrave B211250.00%00
54Nathan BeattieWaldegrave B50510.00%00
55I MorrisRiverside10110.00%00
56Wayne RobertsPaulton Rovers10110.00%00
57J AshmanPeasedown Posse10100.00%00
58Andy Hughes SnrRed Post10100.00%00
59Ernie ColePaulton Rovers10100.00%00
60Paula HoddinottPeasedown Posse10100.00%00
61Tom GouldWaldegrave A10100.00%00


12th April
Divisional Singles - More information on the singles page
19th April
Waldegrave A3vPeasedown Posse5
Crown Exiles4vPurnells4
Red Post6vPaulton Rovers2
Riverside4vWaldegrave B4
26th April
Peasedown Posse2vWaldegrave B6
Paulton Rovers3vRiverside5
Purnells3vRed Post5
Waldegrave A4vCrown Exiles4
3rd May
Crown Exiles5vPeasedown Posse3
Red Post6vWaldegrave A2
Waldegrave B6vPaulton Rovers2
10th May
Knockout Round One - All 16 teams play
17th May
Peasedown Posse7vPaulton Rovers1
Purnells2vWaldegrave B6
Waldegrave A6vRiverside2
Crown Exiles4vRed Post4
24th May
Red Post7vPeasedown Posse1
Riverside5vCrown Exiles3
Waldegrave B5vWaldegrave A3
Paulton Rovers4vPurnells4
31st May
Peasedown Posse6vPurnells2
Waldegrave A5vPaulton Rovers3
Crown Exiles2vWaldegrave B6
Red Post6vRiverside2
7th June
Knockout Round Two - Subsidiary Round One
14th June
Riverside3vPeasedown Posse5
Waldegrave B3vRed Post5
Paulton Rovers2vCrown Exiles6
Purnells3vWaldegrave A5
21st June
Peasedown Posse5vWaldegrave A3
BYE-vCrown Exiles-
Paulton Rovers1vRed Post7
Waldegrave B7vRiverside1
25th June
Mid-Season Meeting
8.15pm at The Waldegrave - Balance of fees due - Signing On forms returned - Singles and Pairs Entries - Vote on cup final venues -Summer trophies returned
28th June
Waldegrave B6vPeasedown Posse2
Riverside5vPaulton Rovers3
Red Post-vBYE-
Crown Exiles5vWaldegrave A3
5th July
Peasedown Posse4vCrown Exiles4
Waldegrave A4vRed Post4
Paulton Rovers5vWaldegrave B3
12th July
Pairs - More information on the pairs page
19th July
Paulton Rovers4vPeasedown Posse4
Waldegrave B-vBYE-
Riverside6vWaldegrave A2
Red Post7vCrown Exiles1
26th July
Knockout and Subsidiary Semi-Finals
2nd August
Peasedown Posse4vRed Post4
Crown Exiles3vRiverside5
Waldegrave A3vWaldegrave B5
BYE-vPaulton Rovers-
9th August
Singles - More information on the singles page
16th August
BYE-vPeasedown Posse-
Paulton Rovers2vWaldegrave A6
Waldegrave B8vCrown Exiles0
Riverside2vRed Post6
23rd August
Peasedown Posse3vRiverside5
Red Post4vWaldegrave B4
Crown Exiles4vPaulton Rovers4
Waldegrave A-vBYE-
30th August
Free week for cancelled games
6th September
Knockout/Subsidary Finals
At Mardons
13th September
Finals Night
Paulton Rovers, 8pm - More details on the website