Bold names to run venue,

Results to be sent to Dave Jewell.


J Hawker & A Brain

A Beale & L Coleman

M Turner & C Hurle

A Biggs & M Branson

D Russel & A Wilcox

J Green & L Taylor

M Sheppard & M Clevley

A Clarke & C Major



D Kemp & R Strumner

M Colbourne & D Bailey

N Woodland & N Gregory

L Smith & S Hoddinott

L Webb & G Finley

S Kirkby & C Wilcox

N Bennett & K James

R Earle & M Smith



G Paddock & J Ashman

M Hillier & L Robinson

D Young & Clive Dix

J Philips & S Hemmings

C Gilvray & D Scammell

L Gregory & J Lilley

B Gilvray & G Hancock

S Mallon & M Baber



M Matthews & G Bryant

J Beale & D Stevens

K Price & L Parfitt

C Daniels & T Dunscombe

D Smart & S Pike

A Stock & P Day

M Sampson & S Jones

T Stephens & L Clarke