Knockout Cup Round One:

Crossways vs Waldegrave B 1- 7
Paulton Rovers vs Westhill 4-5*
Riverside vs Purnells 4-5*
Norton SC vs Mardons A 5-3
Tyning vs Crown Exiles 2-6
Waldegrave A vs Peasedown Posse 6-2
Crown & Out’s vs Red Lion 3-5
Bye – Red Post

Drawn by Chris Daniells at The Waldegrave 26/4/18

Played 10/5/18

*Won after play-off

Knockout Cup Round Two:

Crown Exiles vs Red Lion 5-3
Red Post vs Westhill 5-3
Norton SC vs Waldegrave A 5-4*
Waldegrave B vs Purnells 8-0**

Cup Round One:

Riverside vs Mardons A 5-4*
Peasedown Posse vs Crown & Out’s 7-1
Paulton Rovers vs Crossways 6-2
Bye – Tyning

Drawn by customers at The Waldegrave 24/5/18

Played 7/6/18

*Won after play-off
**Game conceded by Purnells

Knockout Cup Semi-Finals:

Norton SC vs Crown Exiles 5-4*
Red Post vs Waldegrave B 6-1

Subsidiary Cup Semi-Finals:

Riverside vs Tyning 7-1
Paulton Rovers vs Peasedown Posse 3-5

Drawn by Kim Wessell at The Waldegrave 25/6/18

Played 26/7/18

*Won after play-off

Knockout Cup Final:

Norton SC vs Red Post 4-5*

Subsidiary Cup Final:

Riverside vs Peasedown Posse 2-6

*Won after play-off

 Played 6/9/18 at Mardons