Knockout Cup Round One:

Lamb Clandown with a bye.
Mardons 1 v 7 Riverside
Railway B 0 v 8 Railway A 
Waldegrave 8 v 0 crossways
Crown 5 v 4 peasedown posse (Lee Gregory 2-1 Lee Smith)
Lamb Paulton A 5 v 3 Wagon and Horses
Norton SC 6 v 2 lamb Paulton B
Knockout cup Round 2
Riverside 6 v 2 lamb Paulton A
Norton SC 6 v 2 lamb clandown (Postponed)
Railway A 4 v 5 Crown exiles (M Turner 0 v L Gregory 2)
Waldegrave has a bye.
Subsidiary Round 1
Mardons 2 v 6 Peasedown Posse
Radstock WMC  3 v 5 Crossways
Railway B has a bye
Lamb paulton B has a bye.
Drawn by Graham Davidson
Knockout cup Semi final
Riverside v Norton SC
Waldegrave v crown exiles
Subsidiary semi final
Lamb Paulton B v Crossways
Peasedown posse v railway B
Drawn by Chris Dando
Knockout cup final
Riverside v Waldegrave
Subsidiary final
Lamb Paulton B v Peasedown Posse
Both games will be played at Norton SC on 28th April.