Division Two

Lamb (Paulton)101154120
Lamb (Clandown)1010550-13
Mardons A101044219
Crown & Out's91043215
Waggon & Horses90090-127

Players Table
(League singles games only except 180’s and c/o’s)

RankPlayerVenuePlayedWonLostPointsWin percentage180sHicheck
1Graham ChunWesthill10912990.00%10
2Chris AllenWesthill10912890.00%4114
3Alex StockLamb (Paulton)99027100.00%4154
4Dean YoungCrossways10912790.00%7170
5Daren WillmottMardons A10912790.00%10
6Marq MatthewsWesthill9722577.78%4100
7Dave KempLamb (Clandown)10732470.00%0108
8Scott MaynardCrown & Out's9722377.78%0106
9Aaron ArmstrongCrossways8712287.50%0136
10Colin HurleCrossways8532062.50%10
11Mike ClevelyMardons A10642060.00%00
12Clayton DandoMardons A10641960.00%00
13Barry GilvrayGreyhound10461940.00%00
14Phil DayLamb (Paulton)7611885.71%0100
15Graham WoodhamWesthill7521871.43%00
16Charles GilvrayGreyhound9541755.56%10
17Mark HillierLamb (Clandown)9271622.22%10
18Craig BrittenWesthill55015100.00%0103
19Jon RobertsWesthill6331550.00%0107
20Chris DandoMardons A8441550.00%00
21Neil BennettWaggon & Horses9361533.33%0101
22Dan SmartLamb (Paulton)9361533.33%20
23Shawn PikeLamb (Paulton)8441450.00%10
24Dave StevensCrown & Out's8351437.50%10
25Geoff SheppardMardons A9361433.33%00
26Graham DavisonLamb (Paulton)5411380.00%0108
27Dave HarveyCrown & Out's5411380.00%00
28Dave BearcroftCrossways8351337.50%00
29Simon LangdonCrown & Out's44012100.00%10
30Nathan BeattieGreyhound5321260.00%0107
31Jack OgborneCrown & Out's8351237.50%00
32Liam RobinsonLamb (Clandown)5321160.00%00
33John BarterCrown & Out's7341142.86%00
34Rob KempLamb (Clandown)5321060.00%10
35Darron ScammellGreyhound6241033.33%00
36Mike SheppardLamb (Paulton)624933.33%00
37A WilkinsonLamb (Clandown)523840.00%00
38Shelly BridgesWaggon & Horses817812.50%00
39Leon WebbLamb (Paulton)624733.33%00
40Nick WoodlandCrossways725728.57%00
41Adrian CurtisGreyhound70770.00%00
42H WeeksCrossways2206100.00%00
43Martin GalpinMardons A2206100.00%00
44Keelan MorrisonLamb (Clandown)321666.67%00
45Tony CarlowLamb (Clandown)422650.00%00
46Anthony PondGreyhound422650.00%00
47Stu HemmingsCrossways615616.67%00
48Chris BarrowWaggon & Horses514520.00%00
49Lorraine BarrowWaggon & Horses80850.00%00
50Colin SteadWesthill30350.00%00
51Bill HaleCrown & Out's413425.00%00
52Chris FryLamb (Clandown)615416.67%00
53J SwainLamb (Clandown)211350.00%00
54Clayton WillcoxGreyhound60630.00%00
55Lee MatthewsGreyhound20210.00%00
56Charlotte KeevilLamb (Clandown)10110.00%00
57Mike AshmanWaggon & Horses50510.00%00
58G HaleGreyhound20210.00%00
59S AshmanWaggon & Horses30300.00%00
60L AplinWaggon & Horses20200.00%00
61Kevan DoeMardons A10100.00%00
62L McCaffertyWaggon & Horses10100.00%00
63D SullyWaggon & Horses10100.00%00
64T TownsleyGreyhound10100.00%00
65J BrimbleWaggon & Horses10100.00%00
66J RiddleCrossways10100.00%00
67Dave StevensGreyhound10100.00%00
68S BurkeWaggon & Horses10100.00%00
69C RichardsWaggon & Horses10100.00%00


18th April
Divisional Singles - More information on the singles page
25th April
Crossways6vCrown & Out's2
Mardons A8vWaggon & Horses0
Westhill7vThe Greyhound1
The Lamb (Clandown)1vThe Lamb (Paulton)7
2nd May
Crown & Out's3vThe Lamb (Paulton)5
The Greyhound2vThe Lamb (Clandown)6
Waggon & Horses1vWesthill7
Crossways6vMardons A2
9th May
Mardons A4vCrown & Out's4
The Lamb (Clandown)7vWaggon & Horses1
The Lamb (Paulton)5vThe Greyhound3
16th May
Knockout Round One - See Knockout page
23rd May
Crown & Out's6vThe Greyhound2
Waggon & Horses0vThe Lamb (Paulton)8
Crossways6vThe Lamb (Clandown)2
Mardons A1vWesthill7
30th May
Westhill6vCrown & Out's2
The Lamb (Clandown)5vMardons A3
The Lamb (Paulton)4vCrossways4
The Greyhound7vWaggon & Horses1
6th June
Crown & Out'sPvWaggon & HorsesP
Crossways6vThe Greyhound2
Mardons A6vThe Lamb (Paulton)2
Westhill7vThe Lamb (Clandown)1
13th June
Knockout Round Two - Subsidiary Round One
20th June
The Lamb (Clandown)0vCrown & Out's8
The Lamb (Paulton)2vWesthill6
The Greyhound1vMardons A7
Waggon & Horses1vCrossways7
27th June
Crown & Out's5vCrossways3
Waggon & Horses2vMardons A6
The Greyhound2vWesthill6
The Lamb (Paulton)1vThe Lamb (Clandown)7
1st July
Mid-Season Meeting
8.15pm at The Waldegrave - Balance of fees due - Signing On forms returned - Singles and Pairs Entries - Summer trophies returned
4th July
The Lamb (Paulton)3vCrown & Out's5
The Lamb (Clandown)2vThe Greyhound6
Westhill7vWaggon & Horses1
Mardons A3vCrossways5
11th July
Crown & Out's4vMardons A4
Waggon & Horses3vThe Lamb (Clandown)5
The Greyhound1vThe Lamb (Paulton)7
18th July
Pairs - More information on the pairs page
25th July
The Greyhound-vCrown & Out's-
The Lamb (Paulton)-vWaggon & Horses-
The Lamb (Clandown)-vCrossways-
Westhill-vMardons A-
1st August
Knockout and Subsidiary Semi-Finals
8th August
Crown & Out's-vWesthill-
Mardons A-vThe Lamb (Clandown)-
Crossways-vThe Lamb (Paulton)-
Waggon & Horses-vThe Greyhound-
15th August
Singles - More information on the singles page
22nd August
Waggon & Horses-vCrown & Out's-
The Greyhound-vCrossways-
The Lamb (Paulton)-vMardons A-
The Lamb (Clandown)-vWesthill-
29th August
Crown & Out's-vThe Lamb (Clandown)-
Westhill-vThe Lamb (Paulton)-
Mardons A-vThe Greyhound-
Crossways-vWaggon & Horses-
5th September
Knockout/Subsidary Finals
Venue - Norton SC
Finals Night
Paulton Rovers, 8pm - More details on the website when available