Division Two

Norton SC000000
Lamb Clandown000000
Waggon & Horses000000
Railway B000000
Lamb A Paulton000000

Players Table
(League singles games only except 180’s and c/o’s. 3 points 2-0, 2 points 2-1, 1 point 1-2)

RankPlayerVenuePlayedWonLostPointsWin percentage180sHicheck


19th March 2020
Divisional Singles - More information on the singles page
26th March 2020
Norton SC-vLamb A Paulton-
Mardons-vRailway B-
Lamb Clandown-vBYE-
Waggon & Horses-vCrossways-
2nd April 2020
Lamb A Paulton-vCrossways-
BYE-vWaggon & Horses-
Railway B-vLamb Clandown-
Norton SC-vMardons-
9th April 2020
Mardons-vLamb A Paulton-
Lamb Clandown-vNorton SC-
Waggon & Horses-vRailway B-
16th April 2020
Knockout Round One - See Knockout page
23rd April 2020
Lamb A Paulton-vBYE-
Railway B-vCrossways-
Norton SC-vWaggon & Horses-
Mardons-vLamb Clandown-
30th April 2020
Lamb Clandown-vLamb A Paulton-
Waggon & Horses-vMardons-
Crossways-vNorton SC-
BYE-vRailway B-
7th May 2020
Lamb A Paulton-vRailway B-
Norton SC-vBYE-
Lamb Clandown-vWaggon & Horses-
14th May 2020
Knockout Round Two - Subsidiary Round One
21st May 2020
Waggon & Horses-vLamb A Paulton-
Crossways-vLamb Clandown-
Railway B-vNorton SC-
28th May 2020
Lamb A Paulton-vNorton SC-
Railway B-vMardons-
BYE-vLamb Clandown-
Crossways-vWaggon & Horses-
4th June 2020
Crossways-vLamb A Paulton-
Waggon & Horses-vBYE-
Lamb Clandown-vRailway B-
Mardons-vNorton SC-
8th June 2020
Mid-Season Meeting
8.15pm at The Waldegrave - Balance of fees due - Signing On forms returned - Singles and Pairs Entries - Vote on cup final venues - Summer trophies returned
11th June 2020
Lamb A Paulton-vMardons-
Norton SC-vLamb Clandown-
Railway B-vWaggon & Horses-
18th June 2020
Pairs - More information on the pairs page
25th June 2020
BYE-vLamb A Paulton-
Crossways-vRailway B-
Waggon & Horses-vNorton SC-
Lamb Clandown-vMardons-
2nd July 2020
Knockout and Subsidiary Semi-Finals
9th July 2020
Lamb A Paulton-vLamb Clandown-
Mardons-vWaggon & Horses-
Norton SC-vCrossways-
Railway B-vBYE-
16th July 2020
Singles - More information on the singles page
23rd July 2020
Railway B-vLamb A Paulton-
BYE-vNorton SC-
Waggon & Horses-vLamb Clandown-
30th July
Lamb A Paulton-vWaggon & Horses-
Lamb Clandown-vCrossways-
Norton SC-vRailway B-
6th Aug 2020
Knockout/Subsidary Finals
Venue - Norton SC
Finals Night
Paulton Rovers 8 pm more details on the website