Division Two

Mardons A3520117
Lamb A (Paulton)342107
Lamb (Clandown)21011-3
Mardons B31021-23
Waggon & Horses20020-22

Players Table
(League singles games only except 180’s and c/o’s. 3 points 2-0, 2 points 2-1, 1 point 1-2)

RankPlayerVenuePlayedWonLostPointsWin percentage180sHicheck
1Aaron ArmstrongCrossways3309100.00%0110
2Mike ClevelyMardons A3309100.00%00
3Geoff SheppardMardons A3309100.00%00
4Alex StockLamb A (Paulton)3308100.00%2120
5Scott MaynardLamb A (Paulton)321666.67%10
6Dean YoungCrossways321666.67%3160
7Clive DixCrossways321666.67%00
8Nick WoodlandCrossways321666.67%00
9Kerri SymesMardons B321666.67%00
10Phil DayLamb A (Paulton)321566.67%00
11Dave BearcroftCrossways321566.67%00
12Martin GalpinMardons A1103100.00%00
13Mike SheppardMardons A1103100.00%00
14Keelan MorrisonLamb (Clandown)1103100.00%00
15Rob KempLamb (Clandown)211350.00%00
16Dave KempLamb (Clandown)211350.00%1104
17Shawn PikeLamb A (Paulton)211350.00%00
18Chris BarrowWaggon & Horses211350.00%00
19Chris DandoMardons A312333.33%00
20Jane WhitwhamMardons B312333.33%00
21Clayton DandoMardons A312333.33%00
22Daren WillmottMardons A1102100.00%00
23Graham DavisonLamb A (Paulton)1102100.00%00
24Kath JamesMardons B312233.33%00
25Debbie BaldwinMardons B312233.33%00
26Carol CollinsMardons B30310.00%00
27Barry GilvrayLamb (Clandown)10110.00%00
28Charlotte KeevilLamb (Clandown)10110.00%00
29Lee O SullivanWaggon & Horses10110.00%00
30Chris FryLamb (Clandown)10110.00%00
31G MarchantWaggon & Horses10110.00%00
32Tony CarlowLamb (Clandown)10110.00%00
33Leon WebbLamb A (Paulton)20200.00%00
34Dan SmartLamb A (Paulton)10100.00%00
35Claire RichardsWaggon & Horses20200.00%00
36Antony BaxterLamb (Clandown)10100.00%00
37Neil BennettWaggon & Horses10100.00%00
38Karl NormanWaggon & Horses10100.00%00
39Lorraine BarrowWaggon & Horses20200.00%00


17th October 2019
Divisional Singles - See singles page
24th October 2019
Waggon & Horses0vCrossways8
Mardons A7vMardons B1
Lamb (Clandown)2vLamb A (Paulton)6
31st October 2019
Crossways6vLamb A (Paulton)2
Mardons B4vLamb (Clandown)4
Waggon & Horses2vMardons A6
7th November 2019
Knockout Round One - See knockout page
14th November 2019
Mardons A4vCrossways4
Lamb (Clandown)-vWaggon & Horses-
Lamb A (Paulton)7vMardons B2
21st November 2019
Crossways-vMardons B-
Waggon & Horses-vLamb A (Paulton)-
Mardons A-vLamb (Clandown)-
28th November 2019
Knockout Round Two/Subsidiary Round One - See knockout page
5th December 2019
Lamb (Clandown)-vCrossways-
Lamb A (Paulton)-vMardons A-
Mardons B-vWaggon & Horses-
9th December 2019
Mid-Season Meeting
8.15pm at The Waldegrave - Balance of fees due - Signing on forms returned - Singles and Pairs entries - Summer trophies returned
12th December 2019
Crossways-vWaggon & Horses-
Mardons B-vMardons A-
Lamb A (Paulton)-vLamb (Clandown)-
19th December 2019
Lamb A (Paulton)-vCrossways-
Lamb (Clandown)-vMardons B-
Mardons A-vWaggon & Horses-
2nd January 2020
Knockout/Subsidiary Semi-Finals - See knockout page
9th January 2020
Crossways-vMardons A-
Waggon & Horses-vLamb (Clandown)-
Mardons B-vLamb A (Paulton)-
16th January 2020
Pairs - See pairs page
23rd January 2020
Mardons B-vCrossways-
Lamb A (Paulton)-vWaggon & Horses-
Lamb (Clandown)-vMardons A-
30th January 2020
Singles - See singles page
6th February 2020
Crossways-vLamb (Clandown)-
Mardons A-vLamb A (Paulton)-
Waggon & Horses-vMardons B-
13th February 2020
Knockout/Subsidiary Finals
Venue - Norton SC
Finals Night
Paulton Rovers, 8pm - See news page for more details when available