Division Two

Mardons A71140321
Crown & Out's71041223
The Lamb73151-13
Mardons B70070-65

Players Table
(2-0: 3pts, 2-1: 2pts, 1-2: 1pt. League singles games only except 180’s and c/o’s)

RankPlayerVenuePlayedWonLostPointsWin percentage180sHicheck
1Scott MaynardCrown & Out's7611885.71%10
2Dean YoungCrossways7611885.71%2116
3Dave KempTyning7611885.71%00
4Daren WillmottMardons A7611785.71%0123
5Mark HillierTyning7521671.43%0112
6Alex StockThe Lamb7521571.43%5157
7Dave BearcroftCrossways7521571.43%00
8Lance ColemanTyning7611385.71%1112
9Jack OgborneCrown & Out's7521371.43%10
10Chris DandoMardons A6421366.67%0142
11Martin CurrellCrown & Out's7431357.14%0101
12Clive DixMardons A44012100.00%1102
13Nick WoodlandCrossways7431157.14%00
14Chris FryTyning7341142.86%00
15Aaron ArmstrongCrossways532860.00%10
16Clayton DandoMardons A532860.00%0101
17Kath JamesMardons B734842.86%00
18Rob KempTyning523840.00%10
19Martin GalpinMardons A532760.00%00
20John BarterCrown & Out's532760.00%00
21Leon WebbThe Lamb523740.00%00
22J WooltortonMardons A321666.67%00
23Stu HemmingsCrossways633650.00%00
24Shawn PikeThe Lamb624533.33%00
25Carol CollinsMardons B716514.29%00
26Ash BrainCrossways2204100.00%0130
27Bill HaleCrown & Out's312433.33%00
28Graham DavisonThe Lamb514420.00%0106
29Alan VealeThe Lamb514420.00%00
30Dave HarveyCrown & Out's211350.00%00
31Dave StevensCrown & Out's413325.00%00
32Geoff SheppardMardons A413325.00%00
33Kerri SymesMardons B716314.29%0120
34Dan SmartThe Lamb40420.00%00
35Phil DayThe Lamb30310.00%00
36Jane WhitwhamMardons B60610.00%00
37C FrancisCrossways10110.00%00
38Will WiltshireTyning10110.00%00
39Tony CarlowTyning10100.00%00
40Kevan DoeMardons A10100.00%00
41Debbie BaldwinMardons B30300.00%00
42A StarrMardons B30300.00%00
43Jackie BaldwinMardons B20200.00%00


11th October 2018
Divisional Singles - More information on the singles page
18th October 2018
Mardons A5vCrown & Out's3
The Lamb-vBye-
Crossways6vMardons B2
25th October 2018
Crown & Out's6vMardons B2
Tyning5vThe Lamb3
Mardons A-vBye-
1st November 2018
Bye-vCrown & Out's-
The Lamb3vMardons A5
Mardons B-vBye-
8th November 2018
Knockout Round One - See Knockout page
15th November 2018
Crown & Out's-vBye-
Tyning7vMardons B1
Mardons A4vCrossways4
Bye-vThe Lamb-
22nd November 2018
The Lamb3vCrown & Out's5
Mardons B0vMardons A8
29th November 2018
Crown & Out's4vTyning4
Mardons A-vBye-
Bye-vMardons B-
The Lamb2vCrossways6
6th December 2018
Knockout Round Two - Subsidiary Round One
13th December 2018
Crossways2vCrown & Out's6
Mardons B2vThe Lamb6
Tyning4vMardons A4
20th December 2018
Crown & Out's4vMardons A4
Bye-vThe Lamb-
Mardons B1vCrossways7
3rd January 2019
Mardons B1vCrown & Out's7
The Lamb4vTyning4
Bye-vMardons A-
7th January 2019
Mid-Season Meeting
8.15pm at The Waldegrave - Balance of fees due - Signing On forms returned - Singles and Pairs Entries - Winter trophies returned
10th January 2019
Crown & Out's-vBye-
Mardons A6vThe Lamb2
Bye-vMardons B-
17th January 2019
Pairs - More information on the pairs page
24th January 2019
Bye-vCrown & Out's-
Mardons B-vTyning-
Crossways-vMardons A-
The Lamb-vBye-
31st January 2019
Knockout and Subsidiary Semi-Finals
7th February 2019
Crown & Out's-vThe Lamb-
Mardons A-vMardons B-
14th February 2019
Singles - More information on the singles page
21st February 2019
Tyning-vCrown & Out's-
Bye-vMardons A-
Mardons B-vBye-
Crossways-vThe Lamb-
28th February 2019
Crown & Out's-vCrossways-
The Lamb-vMardons B-
Mardons A-vTyning-
7th March 2019
Knockout/Subsidary Finals
Venue - Norton SC
21st March 2019
Finals Night
Paulton Rovers, 8pm - More details on the website