The History Of Our Winners…

Summer 2006

Winter 2006/07

Summer 2007

Winter 2007/08

Division One Runners Up: Waldegrave A
Subsidiary Cup Runners Up: Crown

Summer 2008

Winter 2008/2009

Courage Superleague, Champions of Division Two 2008/09

Summer 2009

Top Lady D2: Tash Fletcher
Top Lady D3: Maggie Pike

Winter 2009/2010

Summer 2010

Top Player D1: Dan Cook
Top Lady D2: Tash Fletcher

Winter 2010/2011

 Division Two Runners Up: Elm Tree
Top Player D2: Steve Jones

Summer 2011

Top Player D3: Will Wiltshire

Winter 2011/2012


Summer 2012

Divisional Singles Winner D3: Clive Dix
Top Player D2: Steve Jones
Top Player D3: Mark Gould
Highest Checkout: Loraine Risdale (170)

Winter 2012/2013

Division Two Runners Up: Winterfield A
Divisional Singles Runner Up D2: Phil Jones

Summer 2013

Subsidiary Cup Runners Up: Winterfield A
Top Lady D1: Donna Gullock
Top Lady D2: Carol Collins


Winter 2013/2014

Summer 2014

Winter 2014/15

Summer 2015

Top Lady D1: Chloe Gullock


 Winter 2015/16