Main singles:

WesthillRiversideCrosswaysRed Lion
B Wilkins
R Maggs
M Sampson
A Sandon James
A Willcox (Official)
M Currell
C Filer
C Parfitt
M Baber
A Blackstone
K Witcombe
J Green
C Gilvray
D Young
M Colbourne (Official)
D Coombes
L Taylor (Official)
L Coleman
J Barter
M Furber
C Major
C Dix
N Beattie
A Stock
D James
L Gibbs
N Raikes
M Clifton (Official)
T Gould
A Brain
C Daniells
D Lewer
S Maynard
J Ogborne
CrownColefordPaulton RoversPurnells
R Kemp
G Woodham
D Bailey (Official)
D Kemp
D Jewell
C Hurle
W Wiltshire
R Earle
A Armstrong
L Gregory
A Beale
S Channon
C Allen
G Chun
T Ashfield
A Clarke (Official)
P Blackstone
G Davison
D Scammell
N Woodland
J Beale (Official)
D Stevens
S Hardie
C Dando
J Roberts
S Jones
T Dunscombe
S Hemmings
Sh Hillier
S Mallon (Official)
M Hillier
Sc Hillier
A Biggs

Drawn at mid-season meeting.

To be played 8/2/18.


Divisional Singles:

Division One: Purnells Sports. Winner: Allan Clarke, Runner Up: Craig Filer (30 entries)
Division Two: The Railway. Winner: Paul Blackstone, Runner Up: Charles Gilvray (14 entries)

Played 28/9/17.