Rules: Summer 2024 onwards

Venues & League matches: Team venue should be within a 7.5 mile radius of the centre of Midsomer Norton. Board and oche should be at regulation BDO height and length and should be well lit.

Games to consist of 5 singles (blind draw or from hat if preferred), 2 pairs and 1 triple. Singles and pairs – 501, triples – 601. Straight in, double out, bust rule applies, best of 5 legs per singles game best of 3 thereafter. At the end of the night an overall win scores 2 points or 1 point each for a draw. Games to commence no later than 8.45pm. Persistent offenders will be dealt with at the committees discretion! Waiting for players is allowed providing there are no other players available at the time of the draw. All singles players must be available to play by 9.30pm latest. Winning team to forward card (including 180s and 100+ checkouts) within one week of the game. Home team to forward card in the case of a draw. Failure to return the card within one week and the ‘responsible’ team may forfeit the game (at the committees discretion). A ‘forfeit’ game includes the points and all legs. Full results (inc. 180s etc) may be emailed/photo messaged providing the card is also sent. Results can be emailed to: Photo messages can be sent to secretary – number below.

League table: In the event of a position tie on the league table, ‘games won’ will be the deciding factor. If it’s still a tie then ‘leg difference’ will be the secondary factor. Two teams guaranteed promotion/relegations in divisions of eight or more teams – one team in divisions of seven or less. In the case that a league has a different number of teams in each division the lower number applies.  Promotion/relegation is seasonal. IE. winning division two in the summer season promotes you for the next summer season, not the upcoming winter season.

Player of the Match: Each captain (or whole team) should nominate a ‘Player of the Match’ from the opposing team and write the name on the card in the space provided. The decision can be for any reason you like. It needn’t necessarily be performance based but it must be a genuine reason. The overall winner will be the player with the most nominations at the end of the season. In the event of a tie the committee will adjudicate.

Cup matches: Up to and including semi-finals – same as league games except all games best of 3 legs and there is no triples game so there can’t be a draw.

The finals will be played at a neutral venue and a coin should be tossed to decide who is ‘home’ and ‘away’ (winner gets choice). Singles drawn as normal, ‘home’ team put names first in first pair and triples games. ‘Home’ team start and mark first game alternating after that. The venue for the knockout and subsidiary finals will be decided at the AGM or mid-season meeting.

Singles & Pairs: Roll call at 8.30pm sharp, play by 8.45pm. All players must be present at the roll call or they will be ruled out. Official at venue to adjudicate in any dispute. Results to be forwarded back within one week. Text and phone details are on the sheets or numbers below. Players must have attended at least 5 games to qualify for the singles and pairs. Please make sure all players are listed on your league and cup game cards (there is space on the front) to ensure players are registered. Losing singles and pairs must mark the next match. Substitutes allowed in the pairs at the committees discretion. No losing venue finalist permitted to continue in the singles should a player drop out after winning a venue. Singles and Pairs – 501, straight in, double out, bust rule applies. Best of 5 legs for singles and pairs games.

Divisional singles will be played at two venues and down to the winner at each. Best of three legs until semi finals when it becomes best of five. More details of venues, format and start times will be given closer to the playing date (see singles page). Players must have attended at least 5 games to qualify for the divisional singles.

Registration: Teams will be provided with signing-on forms that must be handed in at the mid-season meeting. After this time only players listed on the form are eligible to play for that team. New players included in games after the meeting will be deemed ineligible and the individual’s game score will be reversed if they have won. If signing-on forms are not handed back at or before the mid-season meeting then only players who have played up till that time will be deemed eligible to play. Players may be brought in, in extreme circumstances, providing the committee are informed PRIOR to play. Both captains must agree transfers and the committee informed. No players from any other Thursday league allowed to play unless they are changing to The Courage League permanently and must be agreed with committee prior to the game. Players must be at least 11 years of age to play but young players may be subject to the rules of individual venues.

Cancellations: Cancelling team must inform the opposing team AND the committee. At least 24 hours notice must be given or a £5 fine will be incurred and food will have to be paid for (except in extreme circumstances). Non-cancelling team must give two dates (within six weeks of the original fixture and at least one week before the final league game) when the game can be played. If no date can be fixed then the committee will attempt to mediate. Only one “free” cancellation will be allowed per team for a genuine reason. Any further cancellations will incur an automatic £10 fine. In the event a game cannot be played then the cancelling team will forfeit the game including points and all legs.

Meetings: All outstanding fees (including singles and pairs) must be paid by or on the date of the mid-season meeting (see details below) or a £20 fine will be incurred. If the fees remain outstanding then that team will be expelled from the league. All fees must be paid to Mark Colbourne. No other members of the committee or The Waldegrave Arms will accept payment.

Trophies: Winners and runners-up trophies are the responsibility of the winning individual or venue. Any lost trophies must be replaced a with similar value/quality trophy. Damages must also be paid for. Trophies must now be returned at the mid-season meeting. A £20 fine will be incurred (for each trophy) for failure to do so.

Rule changes: Rule changes to be submitted to committee prior to following seasons AGM.

Presentation night: Order of play and timings will be circulated in good time prior to the night. Changes in the order must be agreed by the committee. Players must be at the venue at start time (8.00pm) to be included. Winning teams/individuals that are unable to collect trophies must make alternative arrangements and inform the committee of their absence.

Any matters arising during the season, not covered by these rules, will be adjudicated on by the committee.

Waldegrave Arms (League HQ): 01761 241384
Allan Clarke (Chairman): 07742 770654
Dave Jewell (League Secretary): 07377 331694
Mark Colbourne (Treasurer): 07791 285071
Jon Green (Social Media/Web): 07713 244929

Mid-season meeting: Monday 10th June