Continuing The History Of Our Winners…

Summer 2016

Winter 2016-17

Under’s Runner up: Tom Gould

 Summer 2017

Winter 2017-18

Over’s Winner: Steve Hoddinott
Under’s Winner: Lee Smith
Under’s Runner up: Sam Hoddinott

Summer 2018

Pairs Semi-Finalists: John Lilley & Tom Davis

Winter 2018-19

Summer 2019

Winter 2019-20

No summer 2020, winter 2020-21 or summer 2021 seasons due to covid restrictions

Winter 2021-22

Subsidiary Cup Runners Up: Lamb B

Summer 2022

Winter 2022/23

Summer 2023

D2 Divisional Singles Runner Up: Dean Young
Pairs Semi-Finalists: Mark Gould/Chris Allen & Glyn Bryant/Ash Sandon James