Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM for the summer 2018 season last night. We had a good turnout with anyone who couldn’t attend making sure they sent apologies.

The results of the meeting were:

1. Election of the committee – Allan, Mark, Matt and Jon were voted back in

2. League Fees – It was decided to raise fees by £10 to help cover the rising costs of trophy engraving etc. The total is now £90 plus £5 charity donation (£95).

3. Finals night substitutions – It was discussed that in the event of a player being able to make finals night, a substitute should be allowed. The main idea being the person beaten in the venue final would be allowed to replace the missing player. After much discussion, with several options mentioned, the idea was rejected on the grounds that any player that had already lost shouldn’t have another chance.

4. Unders Competition – After discussion with the family of Rich Meadows, the ‘Unders’ competition will be dropped. The league and family was asked to come up with a possible alternative to play in Rich’s memory that will be well supported.

5. Promotion/relegation – Play-offs have affectively been dropped from promotion and relegation. If a league has 8 teams or more then there will be a 2 up/2 down promotion. If there are 7 teams or less then there will be a 1 up/1 down promotion.

6. The league was asked if teams with two boards at a venue would like to put themselves forward to host the knockout finals. This will be voted on at the mid-season meeting.

7. In order to help accommodate Peasedown Posse (who will be playing in the Bath league for several weeks yet) it was decided to have the divisional singles played before the start of the league games. This has been done in the last two seasons and seemed popular anyway.

The division structure will be…

D1: Red Post, Waldegrave A, Waldegrave B, Peasedown Posse, Riverside, Crown Exiles, Paulton Rovers, Purnells
D2: Norton SC, Mardons A, Mardons B, Westhill, Crown & Out’s, Tyning, Red Lion, Crossways

We will now work on fixtures and will get them out asap along with the cards and signing on forms.

We hope everyone has a great season!