Please remember the mid-season meeting is coming up on Monday 25th June, 8.15 pm at The Waldegrave (I may be a bit late as I have to take my son to a cricket match!).

We will be:

  • Taking balance of fees (total fees are £95 + singles & pairs)
  • Signing-on forms returned. All forms must be returned at the meeting. Please read the rules regarding sign-on. If you have lost yours, another can be downloaded from the downloads page
  • Singles and pairs entry and draw. £2 per single and £4 per pair payable with fees
  • Vote on venue for knockout and subsidiary cup finals
  • Drawing semi-finals of knockout and subsidiary cups
  • All summer trophies to be returned. Please do your best with this as it saves us alot of hassle! Also please remember the summer trophies do not have ‘winter’ engraved on them!
  • We will also be discussing the venue for finals now – date now confirmed as 13th September
  • Any other business

We look forward to seeing you.

We are aware that England are playing next Thursday evening and have been asked about cancelling games. Because we now have a free week due to the date of finals night, we are proposing that everyone can have a ‘free’ cancellation and use the new free week. If you would still like to play on Thursday, that’s down to each team. Please make arrangements with each other. If you decide to cancel, please let the committee know.

We are also proposing to move the knockout and subsidiary finals back a week and having the free week on the 30th August. This will aid finalising all the tables in time for finals night.