We hope everyone had a great Christmas and we wish everyone a successful new year of darts!

We begin again tomorrow with league matches and we have the mid-season meeting coming up on Monday 7th January (8.15pm at The Waldegrave):

Balance of fees due
Signing On forms returned
Singles and Pairs Entries
Winter trophies returned

Trophies needed:
D1 winners: Coleford Legion
D1 Runners Up: Riverside
D2 Winners: Purnells
D2 Runners Up: Waldegrave B
Singles Winner: Ash Sandon-James
Singles Runner Up: Robbie Earle
Pairs Winners: Robbie Earle/Dean Lewer
Pairs Runners Up: Mike Baber/Sam Mallon
D1 Singles Winner: Allan Clarke
D1 Singles Runner Up: Craig Filer
D2 Singles Winner: Paul Blackstone
D2 Singles Runner Up: Charles Gilvray
KO Winners: Coleford Legion
KO Runners Up: Purnells
Subs Winners: Riverside
Subs Runners Up: Mardons A
Over 50s Runner Up: Brian Wilkins
Under 25s Runner Up: Sam Hoddinott
Player of the Match: Dean Young

Please note the Winter Trophies have “Winter” engraved on them (except the Overs and Unders). We do not require the summer trophies back yet.