We are now approaching the end of the winter season and with that in mind we have opened threads on the forum for team entries and rule change proposals for the upcoming summer 2019 season. You may also contact us through Facebook etc to leave an entry. We will be announcing the date for the AGM in due course.

We are pleased to announce the following results for the winter 2018/19 season (so far):

Division One Winners: Coleford Legion
Division One Runners Up: Westhill Club
Division Two Winners: Crossways
Division Two Runners Up: Tyning
Knockout Winners: Westhill Club
Knockout Runners Up: Coleford Legion
Subsidiary Winners: Mardons A
Subsidiary Runners Up: The Lamb
Singles Winner: Jamie Bown
Singles Runner Up: Robbie Earle
Pairs Winners: Chris Allen & Mark Gould
Pairs Runners Up: Donna Gullock & Jamie Bown
Divisional Singles (D1) Winner: Julian Beale
Divisional Singles (D1) Runner Up: Steve Jones
Divisional Singles (D2) Winner: Alex Stock
Divisional Singles (D2) Runner Up: Mark Hillier
Over 50s Winner: Mike Baber
Over 50s Runner Up: Mark Colbourne
Ladies Singles Winner: Kath James
Ladies Singles Runner Up: Kerri Symes
Player of the Match Award: Alex Stock (9 nominations)
Top Player D1: Mick Sampson
Top Player D2: Dean Young
Top Lady D1: Donna Gullock
Top Lady D2: Kath James
Most 180s D1: Dean Lewer (6)
Most 180s D2: Alex Stock (6)
Highest Checkout D1: Dean James (170)
Highest Checkout D2: Alex Stock (157)

Congratulations to all our winners and runners up!