Thank you to everyone who attended the summer 2019 AGM last night, we had a great turnout! The results of the meeting are as follows:

Confirmed teams (as at 28/3/19):
Waldegrave A
Waldegrave B
Peasedown Posse
Crown Exiles
Paulton Rovers
Norton SC
Mardons A
The Lamb (Clandown) (Previously The Tyning)
The Lamb (Paulton) (Previously The Red Lion)
Crown & Out’s
The Greyhound

We are waiting on The Waggon & Horses for confirmation and will confirm league structure shortly.

1)Election of committee: The committee of Allan (Chairman), Mark (treasurer) and Jon (secretary) will stay the same

2)Fees: Mark felt the current levels of fees are fine and so suggested no change. The current fees are £95 for league fees plus singles and pairs entries @ £2 and £4 each.

3)Five leg singles games: After some discussion, it was decided that the league would have a season long trial of ‘best of five’ singles games in league matches only – knockout and singles competitions will remain ‘best of three’. Some concern was expressed about the additional time added to the night and so, although no new rule will apply for the time being, teams were encouraged to start promptly.

4)K/O and divisional singles venues: Norton SC was chosen for the Knockout and subsidiary finals venue. Mardons and Westhill were chosen for divisional singles. Confirmation of which venue will host which division will come shortly.

5)Charity: The choice of which charity the league will support was discussed and it was decided that we will continue to support the air ambulance unless any further ideas are brought up at the mid-season meeting.

6)Forum closure: As the forum has been little used in the last few years (only a few posts for teams entries have been made – no major threads in over a year) it has been decided to close the forum. We can still be contacted via the form on these posts (which we will open for certain news items (see below)), email, facebook and twitter and so it was felt the forum was now irrelevant.

7)Finals night venue: Allan asked for feedback on Paulton Rovers as our current finals night venue. The response was good but with some concern over the price of drinks. Allan suggested he will contact Paulton Rovers and discuss.

The provisional start date for the season will be 18th April – divisional singles, 25th April – league start.

Once we have final confirmation of the teams we will confirm the league structure and issue the fixtures etc. Thank you to everyone for your support and we hope you have a great season!