Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM on Wednesday. It really is appreciated and helps to make the league run better for everyone. The results are as follows:

  • -The committee was re-elected. Allan (Chairman), Jon (Secretary), Mark (Treasurer).
  • -The fees will remain the same as last season. £95 (including £5 charity donation) plus £2 for singles and £4 for pairs.
  • -The method of drawing singles games will now be by ‘blind draw’ – IE. each captain will separately write down the order of his five players in whatever positions they choose. The lists will then be brought together and written on the card. If a captain would prefer to have his own team drawn randomly then the opposition captain can still do that for them if they wish. Pairs and triples will remain the same.
  • -The trial of five leg singles games brought in for the summer was deemed successful for Division One but less so for Division Two. Although some players perferred to play five legs, some games were going on too long. This was especially eveident against one particular team who arrived late several times. They have be warned once and will be again. However, the general concencus (and ulitimately voted for) was that D2 should go back to best of three legs for this season. This can be looked at again in the future.
  • -The venue for the knockout and subsidiary finals will be Norton SC again as it was felt it was a good venue for both games. The Over 50s and Ladies will take place at Mardons. The divisional singles will be at Weshill (D1) and Peasedown CC (lower room) (D2).
  • -Although there will now not be a team playing from Paulton Rovers it was strongly felt that it was the perfect venue for finals night. Therefore the league voted for finals night to remain there.
  • -There had been some concern regarding the ‘top lady’ prize in regards to the numbers of games being played to win it. Ladies will now need to have played a minimum of five singles games to qualify for the award.  However, if it is obvious that a lady player is also playing pairs and triples regularly then this will be taken into account
  • -Mark confirmed that he had paid £280 into Timmy Ashfield’s GoFundMe account (see image below). The whole league wishes Timmy well with his current fight. In memory of Alan Veale (Alski), we would like to select a heart charity for the next choice. The British Heart Foundation has been suggested.

We currently have 12 teams confirmed for the league. As we will begin with the Over 50s & Ladies and divisional singles, there is still time for two teams (at least to come in). Unfortunately we cannot accept just one extra team as it would leave us with 13 teams which is very unsatisfactory for split divisions of 6 & 7. We do have one team that have shown interest in coming in so if you know of another team that could come in please let us know ASAP.

As it stands the structure will be:

D1 – Waldegrave A, Westhill, Norton SC, Peasedown Posse, Riverside, Lamb (Paulton) B
D2 – Mardons A, Mardons B, Waggon & Horses, Lamb (Clandown), Lamb (Paulton) A, Crossways

We aim to start with the Over 50s & Ladies on 10th October, the Divisional Singles on 17th October and the league start on 24th October.

We will be drawing up fixture lists shortly and handing them out with cards etc soon. Good luck to everyone, we hope you all have a great season!