The mid-season meeting is coming up on Monday 9th December at The Waldegrave – 8.15pm:

Balance of fees due
Signing on forms returned
Singles and Pairs entries
Semi-final of cups drawn
Winter trophies returned – trophies required:

D1 Winners: Coleford
D2 Runners Up: Westhill
D2 Winners: Crossways
D2 Runners Up: The Tyning
Singles Runner Up: Robbie Earle
Ladies Singles: Kath James
Ladies Runner Up: Kerri Symes
Pairs Winners: Chris Allen & Mark Gould
D1 Singles Winner: Julian Beale
D1 Singles Runner Up:  Steve Jones
D2 Singles Winner: Alex Stock
D2 Singles Runner Up: Mark Hillier
K/O Winners: Westhill
K/O Runners Up: Coleford
Subs Winners: Mardons A
Subs Runners Up: The Lamb
Over 50s Winner: Mike Baber
Over 50s Runner Up: Mark Colbourne
Player of the Match: Alex Stock