We are pleased to announce the following results for the winter 2019/20 season (so far):

Division One Winners: Peasedown Posse
Division One Runners Up: Westhill
Division Two Winners: Crossways
Division Two Runners Up: Lamb A (Paulton)
Knockout Winners: Peasedown Posse
Knockout Runners Up: Riverside
Subsidiary Winners: Crossways
Subsidiary Runners Up: Lamb A (Paulton)
Singles Winner: Robbie Earle
Singles Runner Up: Lee Smith
Pairs Winners: Martin Smith & Robbie Earle
Pairs Runners Up: Steve Hoddinott & Jaden Ashman
Divisional Singles (D1) Winner: Dean Lewer
Divisional Singles (D1) Runner Up: Chris Allen
Divisional Singles (D2) Winner: Dean Young
Divisional Singles (D2) Runner Up: Dave Bearcroft
Over 50s Winner: Graham Chun
Over 50s Runner Up: Chris Allen
Ladies Singles Winner: Paula Hoddinott
Ladies Singles Runner Up: Kath James
Player of the Match Award: Dean Young (8 nominations)
Top Player D1: Mike Baber
Top Player D2: Dean Young
Top Lady D2: Kerri Symes
Most 180s D1: Ash Sandon James (10)
Most 180s D2: Dean Young (6)
Highest Checkout D1: Chris Allen (161)
Highest Checkout D2: Dean Young (160)

Congratulations to all our winners and runners up!