Thank you to everyone for coming the Summer 2020 AGM. We had fourteen of the fifteen confirmed teams attend and a number of points were covered:

1) Election of committee: Allan and Mark were happy to stand again for their roles (Chairman and Treasurer). Jon stood down as secretary and Dave Jewell will take his place**.

2) Fees: Fees will remain the same as last season. £85 + £5 charity donation. Plus singles and pairs.

3) Singles games in D2: The general concencous from D2 was that they would like to revert back to ‘best of five’ for singles in league games. This was carried.

4) Venues for K/O final and divisional singles. Because Norton SC had worked so well for previous K/O and subsidiary finals it was decided to keep them there again for this season. The D1 Divisional Singles will be at Mardons and the D2 Divisional Singles at The Crown.

5) The choice of charity that the league will support will be decided at a later date.

6) Finals night will remain at Paulton Rovers. There were some concerns that the venue does not have a team playing in the league but it was felt that as they had done such a good job up to now and there is a lack of suitable alternative with a stage (at this time) then it should remain there. The league are always happy to relook at this for future seasons if a suitable alternative is found.

7) There was some debate about the format of the main singles competition in an attempt to get more people to attend. Allan reminded captains that they should really be pushing their players to attend if they have been entered. It was voted that the format should change to ‘best of five’ to take it in-line with league singles but any changes to the main format will be confirmed once attendance numbers are confirmed at the mid-season meeting.

Any other business: The pairs competition will now be ‘best of five’ to take in in-line with singles competition.

We expect the league to start on Thursday 19th March with the Divisional Singles.

The league structure will be:
D1) Waldegrave A, Waldegrave B, Peasedown Posse, The Lamb B (Paulton), Riverside, Crown Exiles, Westhill and Railway A (formerly Crossways).
D2) Norton SC, Railway B, The Lamb A (Paulton), Mardons A, The Lamb (Clandown), Waggon & Horses and Crossways (formerly The Greyhound).

We do have a space for a team in division 2. If anyone knows a team that would like to enter please get them to contact us ASAP.

Downloadable versions of the fixtures, rules and signing-on forms will be available soon. Hard copies will be distributed (with cards) as soon as possible.

We hope you all have a great season!

**On a personal note, it will be tough to leave the secretary roll behind. I’ve enjoyed (almost 😉) every minute of doing it and I’m really pleased that I have been a part of a league that appeals to players of all abilities. When Allan, Lee, Geoff and myself got together at Allan’s house in 2006 to decide on how we were going to get this thing going, little did I know I’d still be doing it 28 seasons later! We are proud of the format we came up with that, with some tinkering, is still the same now and still gives people opportunties to get themselves playing the game and gaining experience. Its also been very satisfying to see how the league has grown, how we took on a Superleague team and became Champions of Somerset, and just how many people get enjoyment from playing.

Thank you to Allan and Colby (and previous committee members) for keeping me sane all these years!

Dave and I will be working together for a little while, while I pass over all the software etc and teach him how to use it. Please give us a little leeway for a time as its quite alot to take on!