The Carole White Memorial Competition on the 7th of December is fast approaching us!

Westhill Club will be hosting and trying to complete in one evening is going to be tight so we may have to limit entries. We have made the decision to take names in advance so please contact Allan Clarke or Jon Green to guarantee your place. £3 entry fee to be paid on the evening. 25% of prize money will go to a cancer charity in Carole’s name.

Registration closes at 7.45pm with a firm start of 8pm, no exceptions. Competition is open to all current players in the Courage and Paulton Leagues.

For a unique lady we have come up with a special competition in her memory. We will be playing a ‘Quintathlon’ format played over a best of five legs.

Bull up at start of game, with winner throwing first in 1-3-5 legs.

Leg 1 – One leg 501 plain and simple no explanation needed.

Leg 2 – Alternate throwing at Treble 13 for 5 turns. Essentially 15 darts with only the treble 13 to count. This is easily marked by just putting up 1 for each T13 hit instead of adding the 39’s up. In the event of a tie, it then goes to a sudden death, still on treble 13 until a winner is decided from equal throws.

Leg 3 – ‘Half It’, starting on 100 you then alternate the throw (3 darts) at these targets:

Double 20 – if hit you add the score on to the 100, if not its halved. I.E. a score of 40 will give you an overall score of 140 going into the next target. A miss with all three darts will leave you on a halved score of 50.

Treble 14 – Same as above
Double 16 – Same as above
Treble 15 – Same as above
Bull – Same as above

If tied, a one off 3 darts, highest score wins.

Leg 4 – Alternating 3 darts at the following targets, simply add the scores, highest total wins. 16’s 17’s 18’s 19’s and 20’s.

If tied a one off 3 darts, highest score wins.

Leg 5 – 25’s and bulls alternating throw for five turns. For easy scoring just put 1 for a 25 and 2 for a bull.

If tied then a sudden death on bulls and 25’s will be used. Highest score on equal throws.